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One Sunday, Kate Cadogan Fanshaw decides that her life is long overdue for a change. Sheís 44 and miserable in a life that is nothing like the one she once dreamed of having. Her grown son no longer needs her, and her husband, Rodney, never has. Itís time for her to move on.

As she suddenly realizes what her life has become, Kate looks back on the past 30 years. She remembers her motherís constant control and her fatherís constant attempts to keep his little girl to himself. She remembers her dreams of being a catereróthe dreams that her mother vetoed, leading Kate to become a teacher instead. She remembers the men in her lifeóthe strong, dangerous guys who took advantage of her and betrayed her trust. And she remembers her two best friends, Ingrid and Moira, who were there by her side through it all.

Most of all, she remembers her life with Rodney, the man who came along at a low point in her life and offered her stability. And while he gave her a beautiful little house to take care ofóand a beautiful son, Charlieóhe never gave her the love and attention she needed. Instead, he spent his days at work, his free time playing whatever sport was in season, and his time at home yelling at a football match on TV. For years, Kate overlooked Rodneyís arrogance, his standoffishness, and his unusual desires. But now, at 44, Kate decides that itís time to take control of her life for the first timeóto follow her dreams and finally find happiness. Itís never too late, she realizes, to start over.

This spectacular debut is an insightful journey through Kate Cadoganís life. Itís so full of heart and so full of emotion that itís nearly impossible to detach yourself from it. Kabak creates a wonderfully genuine heroineóone that youíll both relate to and feel for, one who will feel as real as your best friend. (Iíll admit that, on more than one occasion, before going to bed at night, I set down the book and had to remind myself that I was angry with Kateís husbandónot mine.) Youíll laugh with her, youíll cry with her, youíll learn from her, and youíll inevitably see a bit of yourself in her.

Cover the Butter is skillfully written with passion, energy, and just the right amount of humor. Itís a delight to read.

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