My Mother Talks to Trees Review
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My Mother Talks to Trees is about a little girl named Laura and her mother, who talks to trees. While walking home from school, Laura’s mother talks to each tree, examines its flowers and leaves, and tries to teach Laura more about them. Laura is embarrassed by her mother’s behavior and even stands against one of the trees her mother is talking to in an attempt to make it look like her mother is talking to her and not the tree.

Laura’s mother captures the interest of both Laura and the reader as she talks about the difference between boy and girl flowers on a hickory tree and the smell of the blue spruce’s needles. Each page highlights a different tree, and the book’s artist captures what Laura and her mother experience. A magnifying glass brings the leaves, flowers, cones, and needles into focus for the reader.

The front of the book shows the path that Laura and her mother walk along, highlighting each type of tree they see on the way. The back of the book includes a section on “Getting to Know the Trees in Your Neighborhood.” It describes each type of tree mentioned in the book and what you should look for when you’re “talking to trees.”

I don’t know if this book will become a family favorite, but it would be great to use in a classroom or at home to challenge your child to learn more about nature. The language is probably too difficult for its target audience of four to eight year olds to read independently; however, when read by a teacher or parent and followed by a walk in nature, it’s sure to inspire nature-lovers.

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