Nobody Does It Better Review
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Somewhere, at the top of those tall, gorgeous buildings in the heart of New York City, lives a breed of human being unlike anything most of us have ever encountered. They’re filthy rich. They have platinum cards and housekeepers and personal drivers. And they’re still in high school. These girls are the things of MTV reality shows—and Cecily von Ziegesar’s Gossip Girl novels.

In Nobody Does It Better, high school is winding down, and the girls of Constance Billard’s senior class are preparing for Senior Spa Weekend—and trying to decide which Ivy League school they’ll grace with their attendance. Supermodel Serena wants to go to Yale, but she’s afraid to tell her best friend, Blair, who’s still on the waiting list. Blair spends her days (or at least those few moments of the day that she’s not spending with her boyfriend, Nate, in some satin-covered bed) fretting about her chances with Yale—especially since her boyfriend and her best friend (who used to be a couple) are already in.

Meanwhile, sensitive poet Dan finds himself as the lead singer of the city’s most popular band—though he’s not sure how he’ll pull off his first performance. But his little sister, Jenny, is all for it—because it’ll help her meet the band’s hot lead guitarist.

All of this happens under the watchful eye of gossip e-columnist Gossip Girl, who reports it all in Page Six fashion to her faithful gossipmongers.

Nobody Does It Better is like the old MTV show Rich Girls—with some Sex and the City mixed in. The characters are rich and spoiled and beautiful—but none of them are satisfied with what they’ve got. They’re as shallow and backstabbing as the girls on The Bachelor, and their stories are filled with sex, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll, and designer shoes.

Will readers be able to relate to the characters? Only if they’re 17 and living at the Plaza. Will they be fascinated? Of course. They may not be the best role models for their teenage readers, but they’re as unavoidably intriguing as the Hilton sisters.

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