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NEW YORK, NY Long-time produce man Peter Piper has decided to expand his profession—and reposition his production, placing it in the Big Apple. His new produce shop, Peter Piper’s Plentiful Produce Palace, is scheduled to open next Tuesday. It will provide its patrons with a plethora of produce products—beyond the products that Piper previously provided.

Beginning as a pre-teen, Peter Piper picked all kinds of produce—primarily pickled peppers. The peppers were plentiful, and Piper premiered a puny produce stand, where people could purchase as many pickled peppers as they could transport. But the pickled pepper market wasn’t profitable enough to support Piper and his spouse, Penelope.

So Piper planned to expand his produce business. On top of pickled peppers, Piper’s Produce featured a plethora of produce—like plums and peaches and pears and even parsley and peanuts.

Piper’s business was a success. But, placed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the produce stand wasn’t as profitable as possible. Piper was now a professional in the produce industry, and he was planning to move on to bigger things. His parents and his friends—as well as his patrons—prompted Piper to expand. The Big Apple, they imparted, would provide plentiful opportunities for his produce-picking profession. So he packed up his possessions and planned to open New York’s premier produce palace. And that place opens its doors next Tuesday.

“The Plentiful Produce Palace is exceptional when it comes to produce places in the Big Apple,” professes Piper. “I promise my patrons will be pleased.”

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