Mixology Review
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When I was asked to review this book I thought, Why not? Iíve never read a book on the history of hip-hop. Boy, was I wrong. Mixology by Holly Rapport is about mixing drinksónot about DJs mixing tunes. But I thought Iíd approach the book as if it were a challengeóa mountain to climb. Iíd start with the first drink and keep going until I finished off the entire book. That was not such a bright idea.

The first twenty or so pages were easy. They were just a list of the things you need to have a properly stocked liquor cabinet. Those opening pages covered what types of liquor to buy, which garnishes need to be kept cool, the kinds of glasses to keep on hand, and other good to know stuff. Then I got down to the meat of things in the first chapter.

The book is broken down into chapters based on the type of liquor used in the drinks. Liquor number one: vodka. Iím more of a whiskey guy, but what the heckóif I was going to do this, I was going to do it right. The Bikini, Black Russian, and Bloody Mary all went down pretty well. The Bull Shot was strange, and Iím a little blurry about the Cape Codder. I have vague memories of the Harvey Wallbanger. From the stains on the carpet Iím betting that I at least tried to mix up a Velvet Hammer.

Anyway, letís just say that after recovering I decided to read the book. I mean to really read it, like I would any other book. It turned out to be a great supplement to a household bar. It covers drinks using the most popular liquors: gin, vodka, whiskey, rum, tequila, brandy, and scotch. Mixology also covers dessert drinks and how to throw a theme party centered on serving cocktails. The book is brightly-colored, retro-themed guide to mixing adult drinks, and itís the perfect size to stand next to the ice bucket on your bar.

It may not be a comprehensive listing of all the drinks known to mankind, but itís a good head start. I had a blast with this book, and you should tooóbut only in moderation.

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