Carry Me! Review
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How do baby animals travel? Some animals carry their babies on their backs, like the giant anteater, while others grip them in their jaws, like the American alligator. Susan Stockdale’s book, Carry Me! Animal Babies on the Move teaches kids a little more about the animal world while captivating them with her vibrant illustrations. On each page, she shows a different kind of animal, illustrating how that animal carries its young—whether it carries them in a pouch or in its teeth. At the end of the book, she also features a page of information about the animals featured—giving their names and where in the world they’re found. She even offers a bibliography, directing the animal-interested child to even more resources.

Carry Me! is a
simple picture book, containing only a small amount of text. Pre-school through early-elementary-aged kids will love the book’s bright, colorful illustrations. And, while they’re hunting for the baby animals pictured with their parents, children will also learn a little bit about the animals they see when they visit the zoo.

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