Loop-d-Loop Review
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Anyone who still thinks that knitting is just for grannies and expectant mothers need only flip through the pages of Teva Durham’s new book, Loop-d-Loop, to see that knitting has come a long way, baby.

A former editor at Vogue Knitting Magazine, Durham takes two sticks and some string to new and fascinating levels in the book, which is part knitting, part story-telling, and all art. She divides her designs into three sections: cycles (circular knits), planes (texture and directional construction), and waves (color and pattern)—with patterns that will suit knitters of almost any skill level (though the very newest beginner may have to practice a bit before tackling these patterns). Each section features a number of breathtaking designs that merge the old-fashioned and traditional with the contemporary and cutting-edge—from asymmetrical sweaters to giant chain-link scarves to gorgeous slip-covers that will turn your plain old folding chair into a throne. And, with each design, Durham offers stories about it—about her reasoning, thought, and design process.

Durham’s innovative yet sometimes surprisingly simple designs will inspire all levels of knitters—and her ingenuity makes projects fun to knit. Even if you don’t see yourself wearing everything in the book, you’re sure to find plenty of patterns that will intrigue you enough to try them out on your own needles—and the book itself will motivate you to move past the basics and express your creativity.

This spectacular book is a must-have for any knitter. Set it out on your coffee table (next to your needles and your favorite yarn)—and it’s sure to impress any knitting skeptics who happen to drop by. Thanks to new designers like Durham, knitting is no longer just an old woman’s hobby—it’s an art.

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