Over Her Dead Body Review
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It’s a pretty hard blow for Bailey Weggins when she loses her job as the crime writer for Gloss—a magazine that’s decided to change to a fluffier, more zen format. But she’s not unemployed for long. Her friend, Robby, hooks her up with a new gig at Buzz, a hot celebrity rag. It’s not the ideal job—and Bailey’s boss, Mona Hodges, is a tyrant—but at least it pays the bills.

After only a few weeks at Buzz, however, Bailey stumbles on a big new story—when she finds her boss fatally wounded on her office floor. As she begins digging for facts to help her write the story, Bailey finds no shortage of suspects—because everyone hated Mona. Kimberly Chance, a reality TV star, is furious with Mona for giving her the nickname “Fat Chance” (which lost her a big modeling contract). A top recording artist’s publicist seems to be trying to cover something up. And even Bailey’s friend, Robby, is a suspect—because Mona fired him just hours before the murder. But as Bailey gets closer to finding Mona’s killer, it becomes all too clear that someone’s trying to keep her from uncovering the truth.

Over Her Dead Body is a fast-paced, action-packed gossip-fest, with all the guilty pleasure of a celeb gossip magazine (admit it—you can’t help but read them while you’re waiting in line at the grocery store). And Kate White should know all about the magazine business—she’s the editor in chief of Cosmo.

Unfortunately, the conclusion disappointed me. Of all the possible (juicy) finales, White chose the most anti-climactic option. Despite the frustrating conclusion, though, the rest of the story made it a guilty pleasure worth indulging in. In fact, I may have to pick up a copy of another Bailey Weggins book for my summer beachside reading.

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