Woman Obviously Concerned with Hair's Health
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VERMILLION, SD Cheri Michaels obviously takes the health of her hair very seriously. Michaels, whose shoulder-length light brown hair has been described as “healthy and full of volume and sheen,” reportedly spends a significant amount of time each day grooming—to ensure that her locks are consistently full and beautiful.

Charles Melbourne, also of Vermillion, figures that Michaels must spend every single night washing her hair.

“I don’t think she has much of a social life—because she’s constantly washing her hair or something. And that’s a shame—‘cuz she’s a pretty good-looking young lady,” Melbourne told his friends last Friday night, while they shared a pitcher of Schlitz at Stuart’s Pub.

Melbourne has reportedly called Michaels a number of times, intending to invite her out for dinner—or to a special event, such as the tractor pulls—and he continues to be turned down by the young woman, who repeatedly and apologetically tells him that she has to wash her hair.

“I don’t know what the heck she’s always doing with her hair. I mean, it looks great and all, but it’s not worth throwing your whole social life away for,” said Melbourne.

Melbourne’s friend, Jack Quimby, reported that he, too, had tried to ask Michaels out several times a few years ago and had received the same response.

Another friend, Joe Francis, stated that Michaels is also very concerned with the health and appearance of her fingernails. He claims to have had his invitations turned down because she was doing her nails.

“I told her to give me a call sometime if she decided not to do her nails some night. She never called,” stated Francis. He shook his head and added disgustedly, “Some women just pay way too much attention to the way they look.”

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