Viva Poncho Review
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Right now, ponchos are everywhere—from the runway to the local movie theater—and the timing couldn’t be better for all those knitters who joined the craze in the last few years and are ready to move beyond scarves. For those new knitters who want to enhance both their knitting repertoire and their wardrobe—and for seasoned pros looking for fun new projects—Christina Stork and Leslie Barbazette have created Viva Poncho, a collection of 20 poncho patterns for all levels of knitters.

The book is divided into three parts—one-piece, two-piece, and capelets. You’ll find patterns for big, airy ponchos on huge needles, cozy ponchos to keep you warm when the weather gets chilly, and lacy capelets to accent your favorite strappy dress. The authors use drawings and charts along with the usual instructions to make patterns as understandable as possible. They also explain techniques that may be new to more novice knitters, using plenty of pictures to illustrate.

For knitters who are looking to go beyond the pattern to add their own special touches, Stork and Barbazette also include tips and suggestions for adding hoods, fringe, and cowl necks—as well as changing yarns and playing with color—to individualize any design.

If you’re searching for a pattern for a poncho, capelet, or serape (though I often have a hard time telling the difference), Viva Poncho has them all. There are ponchos for every occasion, every season, and every skill level. There’s even a poncho for your pooch. Though the patterns and styles are sometimes a bit repetitious, there are still plenty of unique designs to thrill any poncho lover. So if you’re looking for ponchos, look no further than Viva Poncho.

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