Odd Ball Knitting Review
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STASH: the constantly-growing collection of yarn that knitters hoard and hide in closets, under beds, and behind sofas. Sometimes, itís a bag full of wool that was intended for a sweater that never even got a chance. Or itís a collection of single balls found at irresistible clearance prices. Or itís a container full of leftovers from finished projects.

For knitters looking to clear the stash out from under the bed (to make room for -letís be honest here-more yarn), Barbara Albright has written Odd Ball Knitting. In this book, Albright provides a plethora of tips and patterns for knitters looking to do a little stash-busting. From small patterns that use just a little bit of yarn (like finger puppets or scarves or sachets) to larger projects that use different kinds of yarn to create one unique piece (like a colorful striped poncho or shawl), Albright provides plenty of solutions for stashes of every size and color palette.

While many of the projects are pretty standardóprojects that you can find on the pages other knitting books and magazinesóAlbright does something that no one else has done. She puts them together in one stash-focused book to aid the stash-stumped. She also throws in tips for storing yarn, stash-busting, and even for figuring out just how much yarn is left on a partially-used ball. The chart provided in the back of the book also allows you to choose projects based on what youíve got stored behind your sofa.

If your home is under siege by yarn balls of various colors and sizes and you donít feel like flipping through your collection of books and magazines to search for just the right pattern, Odd Ball Knitting will get you started on the road to stash-free living. Or at least itíll help you clear up some room for the next clearance sale at your local yarn shop.

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