Granny's Apples Review
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Players: 2-6
Playing Time: 15 minutes
Ages: 8 and up

Granny Apples is a quick dice-type kids’ game that helps them hone basic math skills while still being fun to play.

The game’s contents include “Granny’s Apple Basket” (a dice cup), half-apple tokens, whole-apple tokens, and eight wooden apple halves. Four of the wooden apple halves look like plain, regular half-apples; the others have pictures of a worm, a pie, or Granny painted on them.

During each round, one player shakes the apple halves in Granny’s Apple Basket and rolls them. The players then quickly count the total number of apples scattered on the playing surface, keeping in mind that some pieces (the worm, pie, etc.) take away a small portion of the total. The first player to shout out the correct number of apples wins the round and earns apple tokens. If Granny shows up on a roll, or if the roll is made up entirely of whole apples, then some tokens go into “Granny’s Basket” (a separate area, usually the top or bottom half of the game box). The game is over when Granny’s Basket has 12 tokens, and the player holding the most tokens at that time wins the game.

Granny’s Apples is definitely geared towards kids, but pay attention to the “8 and up” age bracket. Granny’s Apples lets kids practice some basic math skills like counting and subtraction, but since there are also fractions involved (and players need to be able to mentally calculate quickly), this one is not for really young kids. The instructions can seem pretty confusing at first, but once the kids get the hang of it, gameplay tends to go rather quickly. Overall, Granny’s Apples is fast, fun, and a good tool for sharpening your kids’ mental math skills.

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