Seraphim Review
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When you pick up a novel by Shelby Reed, you're going to get action, tension, deeply emotional love scenes, and a unique plot. Seraphim contains lots of the above, along with terrific writing skills.

Gia Rossi thought she was living the perfect life, or as close to one as she ever had been, with a nice home and a husband who loves her. He always played Henry Higgins to her Eliza Doolittle. Lately, though, his touch is colder, his absences from home more often, and he's suddenly gained a strange, kinky sexual appetite. Then she finds out he's demon-possessed by a nephil, Therides, who had joined Lucifer's army after his fall from Heaven. After a band of angels kidnap Gia to save her life, they tell her she's on her husband's list of people to assassinate when she's no longer of worth.

Joachim, a seraphic operative fighting in the archangel Michael's army, has been assigned to protect and guide Gia, who possesses a medallion that will lead them to the Spear of Longinus—the spear that pierced Christ's side to make sure He was truly dead before they took Him down from the cross. The spear can be used for great good in the right hands, or great evil if it lands in the wrong hands. Adolph Hitler possessed it once, and Therides has plans to sell it to a certain terrorist mastermind who remains elusive. Joachim can't let that happen, or the world as we know it will be destroyed.

Seraphim are pure of heart and mind and mustn't let their fallible human form take control. Gia and Joachim are painfully aware of this as they wage an emotional and physical battle, fighting their attraction to each other and trying desperately not to fall in love—because when the mission is over, Joachim will return to Heaven for his next assignment, and if they cross paths again, Joachim won't know Gia.

The sexual tension in Seraphim is so high that when someone interrupted me with a knock at their door, I was ready to choke the living daylights out of whoever was standing on the other side. Love scenes are explicit but deeply emotional and moving, which makes Seraphim a highly satisfying romance. Shelby Reed is a truly terrific storyteller, and I can't get enough of her work. Trust me, romance fans won’t want to pass this author up.

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