Diplomacy Review
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Players: 2-7
Playing Time: Several hours

Diplomacy—the game of international intrigue set in pre-World War I Europe. If that one sentence does not send you running for the hills (or alternatively, to the TV for a good mind-numbing reality program), then Diplomacy may be the game for you.

Diplomacy is another game from Avalon Hill, the same company that brought you Risk: Godstorm and Axis & Allies. Here, the object of the game is to take control of one of the main European countries of the day, such as England, France, or Germany, and lead them to victory. But don't expect victory to be easy. Whichever country you choose to represent, you'll have to maneuver armies and navies around the map, capturing strategic points or supply centers. As soon as one country controls 18 supply centers, they win.

Like other Avalon Hill games, Diplomacy will take a lot of time to learn, and more to master. The instruction booklet is a hefty 22 pages, and includes enough diagrams and squiggly arrows to make you think you're looking at the New England Patriots' playbook. The game is recommended for players ages 12 and up, but unless you've got some pretty mature and patient 12-year-olds around, it's probably best for high school age and up.

Here's the bottom line: If you enjoy the strategy and historical aspect of games like Risk and Axis & Allies, Diplomacy is a great game to add to your collection. It can give you something fun to do on the proverbial rainy afternoon, and at the same time, you'll learn a little something about a period of history often overlooked in favor of the flashier WW2. With Diplomacy, Avalon Hill has another great board game to add to your collection.

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