Revenge of the Fanboys
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For ages, mainstream culture has forced geeks into the closet—made to feel ashamed of their love for comic books, their extensive knowledge of the science fiction, horror and action B-universe and their awareness of inane, insignificant celluloid factoids.

Classified as a substrata of Nerd genus but lacking the technical abilities, computer knowledge, or any useful practical skills that would make their characteristics socially acceptable, the geek is even forced to the fringe of their own taxonomic category. Furthermore, infighting among Pro-Geek Fanboy or Girl (henceforth known as the politically correct Fanfolk) Movements has weakened their ability to make a significant advance. Arguments between hyperdrive and warp speed, for example, or whether the X-Men or Justice League America would win in a fight have created divisions that have delayed or derailed any list of demands.

Finally, though, the mass popularity of Fanfolk Geeks in the entertainment industry has given them a new lease on cool. Kevin Smith, Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez, and Rob Zombie have done for geeks what Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Booger (from Revenge of the Nerds) did for nerds—gave them a New Hope (you know, like Star Wars).

As a result of this cultural phenomenon, online universities are offering Fanfolk degrees to apply the acquired knowledge of geekdom. A list of science courses (focusing on the lesser-explored fictitious principles of the discipline) is detailed here:
  • Differences of hyperdrive and warp speed
  • Laser or Phaser: which is better in a fire fight
  • The dangers of insect or animal proximity to a transmission booth when experimenting with matter transportation
  • Essential functions of DNA (to manufacture dinosaurs for an island-based theme park, engineer superhumans, or just to understand the origins of your mutant powers)
  • Crypto-physiology for all manners of walking dead (Voodoo zombie, ordinary zombie, hyper-accelerated zombie, super soldier zombie, and run-of-the-mill vampires), as well as appropriate methodology for dealing with each
  • Alien/ Demon Taxonomy: classifying creatures that don't exist
Such institutions demonstrate the advances in the Fan Geek Movement and how far they've truly come.

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