Blood Work Review
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After a heart condition sidelined him from his job as an FBI agent, Terry McCaleb was fortunate enough to receive the transplant he desperately needed. While he’s recovering, though, a newspaper article leads Graciela Rivers to his houseboat. Graciela tells McCaleb the story of her sister, Gloria, who was shot and killed in an apparently random convenience store robbery. She thinks McCaleb might be willing to help her investigate her sister’s death, she tells him, because Gloria’s heart is the one that saved his life.

Compelled to help Graciela find the man who killed her sister, McCaleb unofficially puts himself on the case, much to the dismay of the detectives who originally investigated the crime. And as he starts to track down clues, he realizes that this might not have been just another random crime. He connects the crime to others—and he’s horrified to discover that the victims have one important thing in common.

Despite the fact that this book was once a monstrous 500+ pages long, the three-hour-long version is spectacular. While there will always be a few details that get lost along the way, you won’t even miss them. The story comes together almost seamlessly.

Connelly creates a gripping story that’s fast-paced and emotionally-charged. Listeners will easily be able to relate to McCaleb—which is usually hard to do in such a short time. His unusual connection to the case—and the unexpected conclusion—will keep you on your toes. If you’re planning a short road trip—or if you’re sick of the talk shows on your morning commute—you can’t go wrong with Blood Work.

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