Orso: The Troll Who Couldn't Scare Review
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Orso the troll isn’t like other trolls. While his dad spends his days hiding under a bridge, waiting for people to come along so he can scare them, Orso climbs trees and plays in fields and talks to the clouds.

When Orso turns eight, his father decides it’s time for him to learn how to scare people. Orso knows it’s what trolls are supposed to do, but he doesn’t want to scare people. He’d rather do anything but scare people. And what he’d really like is a friend or two to play with.

Orso is the story of a little troll who makes a difference in himself and others—just by being himself. The story, written by Brad Theissen, is playful and imaginative—with a Shrek-like, even-bad-creatures-can-be-good theme. The illustrations by Jeremy Balzer are rich, artistic, and fun (keep an eye out for Orso’s insect friends and the faces in the clouds). And despite the frequent dark scenes (after all, Orso and his dad live in a cave), Balzer’s illustrations manage to down-play the scariness of the trolls and emphasize their fun-loving side.

Orso is a charming addition to your kids’ library—and reading it will bring a smile to your face, too.

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