Fever Review
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Matt “Loose Cannon” Shannon was once an FBI agent. Now, he’s in charge of security for the world’s largest cruise line—but, mostly, he’s floating through life, from one drink to the next, trying to forget the mistakes and the loss of his past. One afternoon, as he joins his stepbrother, Jack Fontana, for a drink on the patio of a Miami bar, Jack, who’s just gotten out of prison, forces Matt to stop floating. He hands Matt a device that looks like a video game controller—and before he realizes what he’s doing, Matt has caused an explosion that leads to the sinking of a freighter.

With Jack holding the controller that’s covered in Matt’s fingerprints—as well as a secret that once kept Matt out of prison—Matt suddenly finds himself in his step-brother’s control. And Jack knows exactly what he’s going to do with it. Jack’s plan is to involve Matt in a heist on one of his own cruise ships—a heist that will make them more than enough money to comfortably retire.

Fever is an often intense—yet complex—story that’s often hard to follow. The characters are somewhat two-dimensional, and it’s hard to understand who they are and what motivates them. Jack, the bad guy with good intentions, is especially difficult to understand. And Matt may be the main character, the book’s narrator, but even he fails to let readers get to know him. He, like Jack, is an enigma—one with a story that he’s not really telling you. He keeps readers at an arm’s length at all times, and it makes it difficult to care about what happens to him in the end. While most of the story comes together in the end, by then I’d lost interest.

There may be plenty of shoot-outs and explosions in this book, but the weak story and distant characters make it a disappointment. If you’re looking for action and adventure (and even the occasional explosion), check out Michael Connelly instead.

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