Such and Such Review
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Players: 4+, in teams
Playing Time: 20-30 minutes

Salt and pepper, cream and sugar, Peaches and Herb, Cagney and Lacey: “Such and Such” is all about using clues to guess two things that go together. It is enormous fun.

After each team decides upon a name, the timer is set and one person for each team takes a turn reading a list of five questions to their partner. For every correct answer a pawn is removed from the corresponding number on the scoreboard. If your partner doesn’t know the answer, they simply pass and the other team will get an opportunity to steal any answers and points the first team was unable to score. Whichever team reaches thirty points first wins.

“Such and Such” is a lovely way to pass a rainy fall afternoon. It’s
a terrific, generation-friendly family game packed with interesting and often educational facts, covering everything from 1950s cartoons to geography, and from car parts to Teletubbies.

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