Dragon's Son Review
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In a time of war, the common people of Jenel are forced into homelessness. By the hundreds, they travel across a deadly, barren land, searching for a safe haven—a place where ruthless soldiers and cold-hearted bandits can’t destroy what’s left of their lives, someplace with a bit of food and warmth to wait out the harsh winter approaching the Kellsmarch. One such place exists, but most think Vorslava is just a myth.

After Yozerf Jonaglir recovers from a near-fatal incident, only surviving because an eight-year-old human orphan nurses him back from the brink of death, he finds himself surrounded by refugees looking to him for leadership, but he’s not even sure he can take care of his adoptive daughter, Owl, let alone hundreds of people needing food, clothing, shelter, and protection. For the first time, Aclyte, Wolfkin, and humans travel together with a common goal. Keeping the peace between them becomes a major challenge, but they must remain united in order to survive.

Believing Yozerf is dead, Suchen Keblava (Warrior and Steward to the Lord of Kellsjard) doesn’t even want to think beyond the next minute. But along with Londah (the Crow Queen), Auglar (Lord of Kellsjard), and the rest, she plods toward Kellsjard—toward home, where she can rest and grieve. Hungry and broken, she fights to survive one more day without Yozerf and wonders about the fate of them all.

As the armies of Argannon and Jenel battle each other, the refugees wage a war of survival, and their fate is in the hands of an Aclyte shape-changer.

Elaine Corvidae’s characters are so real you’ll hate closing the book at the end, knowing you'll never be in the presence of those people again. Ms Corvidae captures human emotions beautifully and places them in an engaging escapade of love, hope, and peril. Dragon’s Son, the third and final book in the Lord of Wind and Fire series, is an extraordinary story, captivating from beginning to end.

Ms. Corvidae is most definitely a gifted writer, and I look forward to enjoying her novels for years to come.

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