Revenge of the Paste Eaters: Memoirs of a Misfit Review
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From the author of Fat Girls and Lawn Chairs comes another hilarious collection of stories packed with warmth, wisdom, and insight.

In a series of short essays, laced with a just a bit of poetry, this book covers everything from self esteem (“I just try to imagine life without self-doubt tugging at my skirt”) and fashion (“I just dress as close to the bottom of the fashion chain as I can without getting busted”) to childhood angst (“not many children had the discipline to be as relentlessly miserable as I was”) and the philosophy of recollection (“not all memories are what they first appear to be”).

Anyone could learn a great deal about strong and healthy thinking from reading this engaging book. Cheryl Peck’s voice is so delightfully candid that it's extremely diffic
ult not to fall in love with it. She delivers profundity without the syrup. Her self-deprecating humor is charming, and her politics are so benevolent that I would gladly campaign for her presidency, despite my aversion for the political.

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