Partner Fully to Blame for Loss of Game
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NEW BERLINVILLE, PA Following the embarrassing loss of a game of Pictionary on Friday night, a defeated Keith Weinstein announced that the loss was entirely the fault of his partner, Sean Rose.

The two were shamed by opponents Trent Scott and Brian Uzzo, who won the game after Scott speedily guessed that Uzzo was drawing a shower curtain.

“It’s obvious,” stated Weinstein, “that I would have been victorious had it not been for the incompetence of my partner, Sean. He is, in fact, a total dumbass.”

Weinstein then proceeded to produce several pieces of evidence to support his argument.

“Look at this!” he shouted, pointing to one of his drawings. “This is clearly a microwave oven. My partner, on the other hand, was convinced that it was some sort of nuclear weapon.”

Pointing to another picture, he continued. “And look at this! This is my partner’s artistic portrayal of a mailman. His drawing consisted of a stick figure. Upon drawing this stick figure, he continued to circle it and point at it for the remaining fifty seconds, until his time ran out.”

Weinstein then gave several more examples before he finally rested his case and gave his very persuasive closing arguments.

Weinstein and Rose, who have been credited with the Quickest Loss Ever of a Game of Pictionary, managed to move their game piece forward only once during the entire game—when Rose successfully drew a Christmas tree in only thirty-five seconds.

Rose refuses to accept responsibility for the loss, accusing Weinstein of purposely not guessing the right answers. Weinstein has denied all charges.

The team has since decided that, for the sake of maintaining their friendship, they will never play Pictionary together again. Weinstein was satisfied with the agreement and considers the case settled.

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