Shout About Music Review
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Players: 2+, in teams
Playing Time: 30-60 minutes

“When I was your age, we walked 10 miles to school, in the snow, uphill both ways, and confound it, we played our games on good sensible boards.”

That's always how I feel, seeing the recent explosion of “board” games you play not on a board but on your TV, with your DVD player. And now, from the same company that had you shouting about movies and television shows comes Shout About Music. If you're at all familiar with the other games in this series, you'll already know what this game is like. But for those of you new to the "Shout" experience, get ready for a fast-paced game of eight rounds that will have you remembering songs and musicians you didn't even know you knew.

The eight rounds present different musical trivia in a variety of ways. In one round you may be asked to listen to a snippet of music and identify the artist. In another, you may have to guess the artist based on the album cover art, which is revealed piece by piece. There can be music video clips, or facts about musicians that you need to arrange chronologically. Game play is fast, and the remote control action interface to control and score the game is completely user-friendly.

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