Weekend Knitting Review
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In the endless stream of knitting books that continue to show up on bookstore shelves in an attempt to keep up with the ever-increasing number of new knitters, there are a few books that stand out. They’re the books that are both beautiful and functional—the ones that inspire knitters of all levels of experience. Weekend Knitting is one of those inspiring books. It has a variety of unique patterns that range in levels of difficulty. Some of the patterns in the book are for more skilled knitters, but they’ll inspire less advanced knitters to improve their skills—and learn new ones. And others are just right for beginners—without being the same old beginners’ patterns.

I love the variety of the patterns in this book—from adorable baby sweaters to soft, cozy blankets and everything in between. There are hats and fingerless mittens and market bags and seat cushions and felted pouches made of leftover yarn. And in this whole collection, there are only a few odd-ball patterns—the ones that I’d never make (that would be the Turtleneck Egg Cozies).

Not only is this book full of great patterns, but it’s also pretty to look at and fun to read. It’s filled with colorful pictures that make it more than just a plain old pattern book—it’s also a great coffee table book. As if the patterns and the pictures weren’t enough, Weekend Knitting is also packed with stories and quotes and suggestions for having a relaxing weekend with your needles. You’ll find recipes for butter cookies and hot chocolate, a list of movies and books for knitters, and even instructions for giving yourself a hand massage to soothe your knitting muscles.

Whether you’ve been knitting all your life or you’re just getting the hang of it, Weekend Knitting is a great book that’s sure to inspire many a knitting weekend.

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