Kill Me Review
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Itís likely weíve all thought about it at one time or another, or we know someone who has. ďIf I ever get like that, kill me.Ē ďIf I have no quality of life, I want to die.Ē This is the theme of author Stephen White's new book, Kill Me.

But itís not quite what you think. Itís not about placing a call to Dr. Kevorkian when you canít take the pain of an illness or injury and youíre ready to die. In Kill Me, the protagonist, who remains anonymous throughout the book, is a ďrich young white guyĒ with a family. Heís also a patient of Dr. Alan Gregory, the star psychologist of several other Stephen White novels. The man learns about an organization called the Death Angels that, for a hefty price, will arrange for his death if and when his quality of life declines, so he decides to take out a contract on himself.

It made sense at the time. It made even more sense when, after taking out the contract, the man is diagnosed with a brain aneurysm. But maybe he should have thought about it a little harder when he learned that thereís no cancellation clause. Or maybe he didnít quite understand that, unlike an assisted suicide where the patient makes the decision about when he or she is ready to die, the Death Angels' organization determines when heís crossed the threshold making him ripe for the kill. He doesnít know when; he doesnít know where; he doesnít know how.

Maybe youíre thinking, so what? Heís going to die anyway.

But what if he changes his mind? What if heís not ready? What if he canít stop the killer no matter what? Gripping, isnít it?

This book is a different kind of thriller, grappling with a subject that each of us has probably thought about at one time or another. The plot is intriguing, exciting, and unpredictable as White deals with the physical and mental aspects of making the decision to die and the twists and turns of losing the capacity to control oneís own life, no matter how rich or powerful one might be.

Kill Me is the fifteenth book in Stephen White's Dr. Alan Gregory series. While I havenít read any of Whiteís other books, Kill Me has piqued my curiosity enough to take a look at them. The book debuts in March 2006 and can be pre-ordered on Itís definitely worth a read.

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