Catch Me When I Fall Review
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By day, Holly Krauss is a successful businesswoman, running a company with her best friend, Meg. She’s beautiful and outgoing and happily married to Charlie, a talented illustrator who adores her. By night, however, Holly is a train wreck. She drinks too much. She sleeps too little. She’s wild and outrageous, and her life is spiraling out of control.

On one of her wild nights out, Holly spends a drunken night with a stranger—a man named Rees, who begins stalking her and threatening to ruin her happy, successful life. On another night, she spontaneously goes out and buys an expensive (and ugly) piece of art. On yet another, she jumps into a high-stakes poker game and loses more money than she could afford. Every day, Holly’s life gets wilder and wilder. She’s an unreliable mess, and no one can control her—not Charlie or Meg, not Rees, and not the thug who’s trying to collect on her poker debts.

When Holly’s whole world collapses under her and she finds herself drugged and hospitalized and on the verge of suicide, she finds that she has very few people to turn to. She has Charlie, who seems determined to help her get better. And she has her loyal friend, Meg, who stands by her side even when she shouldn’t. She has a team of doctors and her neighbor, Naomi, who brings her tea and snacks. But Holly’s made a lot of enemies along the way—and when the eye of the storm passes, it seems that some of those closest to her may not be as trustworthy as they seem.

Catch Me When I Fall is so spectacularly written that it’s often difficult to read. Readers are trapped inside Holly’s mental instability, experiencing her dizzying, euphoric highs, her hopeless, devastating lows, and the fuzzy, dreamlike moments in-between first-hand. It’s so realistic that it’s often horrifying.

The story itself is filled with suspense and unexpected twists that will keep you reading late into the night, unable to set the book down—and unable sleep until you find out what happens. It’s so intense and so potent that it will haunt you even after you finish reading.

It’s been a long time since I’ve read anything this chilling. I highly recommend experiencing it for yourself—but only if you’re sure you can handle it.

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