What Comes After Crazy? Review
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Maz Lombard grew up traveling from town to town with her mother, Madame Lucille, who told fortunes at carnivals, helped police find missing persons, and picked up a new husband whenever the chance presented itself. Mazís childhood was definitely crazy, but it followed her into adulthood, and things never changed.

Lenny, Mazís husband, decides one day to head to Santa Fe, where he wants to build condos and maybe open a spiritual store. He says heís coming back, but Maz has her doubts and really doesnít care if he does or notóespecially since one of the reasons he left was because of an affair he was having with a young daycare teacher, which Maz pretended to be madder about than she really felt.

Hope, Mazís oldest daughter, starts telling fortunes at school and having sťances, scaring the other classmates. It doesn't help that sheís having private phone conversations with her grandmother, Madame Lucille, who seems to be egging it on.

About the time Maz decides to heck with it all and begins a hot affair with a younger man, who just happens to be the young daycare teacherís boyfriend, Lenny comes back wanting a second chance and Madame Lucille rolls into town with her newest husband in tow. Things get even nuttier, and Maz wonders if sheíll ever have a normal life.

What Comes After Crazy is witty and insightful. Itís about those in your family who tend to muck up your life. Itís about human failings, but itís also about coming together as a family, sharing the good times, and helping carry the difficult loads. But most of all, itís about taking charge of your life and controlling how crazy or how normal you want it to beóand not letting others decide for you. What comes After Crazy is a refreshing, enjoyable read that often had me laughing out loud.

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