The Ice Queen Review
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In this novel, reminiscent of a fable, the unnamed protagonist, in the throes of a childhood tantrum, wished her mother dead—and her wish came true. From that point on, she shuts herself off to emotion and feelings, dubbing herself the Ice Queen. As an adult she becomes a librarian obsessed with death and methods of suicide. Any relationships she has are meaningless.

After she moves to Florida to be near her brother, she’s struck by lightning. Disfigured and reclusive, she nonetheless participates in a university study of lightning strike victims, where she learns of the legendary Lazarus Jones, another lightning survivor who had been dead for 40 minutes and then got up and walked away. Her fascination with death leads her to seek out Jones, and they begin an enlightening affair.

Any time I pick up an Alice Hoffman novel, I never know what to expect; this is why I’m drawn to her as a writer. This dark tale is rife with imagery, metaphors and symbolism—vintage Hoffman. I found the book to be a satisfying read, and I became immersed in the lives of all the characters. While The Ice Queen is a bizarre story that may not be for everyone, I highly recommend experiencing the writing of Alice Hoffman.

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