Cranium Cadoo Review
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Players: 2-4 players or teams
Playing Time: 20-30 minutes

If you love the fast-paced, creative action of Cranium, be sure to check out Cadoo, a Cranium game for the younger members of your family.

Players can choose to play the game on their own—with two to four players—or in teams. At the beginning of your turn, you roll the special die to see which kind of card you’ll play—Solo or Combo. Solo cards instruct you to do things by yourself—like answer a question or balance something on your head while saying the alphabet or running through the house to find something with holes in it. Combo cards instruct you to create or perform something for everyone else. You’ll have to draw something or act something out or mold something out of clay—and the other players have to try to guess.

If you successfully complete your Solo activity, you get to place one of your colored tokens on one of the 16 spots on the game board. If you get someone to guess the right answer while you’re doing a Combo activity, you get to choose the spot on which both you and the person who answered correctly get to place tokens. The player or team to place four tokens in a row on the game board wins. Or, if the game board is filled with tokens and no one’s gotten four in a row, the player or team with the most tokens on the board wins.

Cadoo is a high-energy game that will challenge players of all ages. The activities are similar to the original Cranium—drawing, molding clay, acting, answering questions—but they’re at a level that kids can handle (it’s recommended for ages seven and up, though we had a four-year-old playing with us, and she did pretty well, with a little help). The game encourages creativity in kids. And, with all the little extras—like the bright colors and cartoon drawings of the board, as well as the purple clay and special decoder mask that you have to use to check answers—it’s just a lot of fun to play. Whether you’re playing it with the family or with a group of kids and parents, Cadoo is sure to be the life of the party.

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