Heal Your Heart with Wine and Chocolate Review
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This engaging, comprehensible guide to a heart-healthy lifestyle is filled with interesting facts and clear explanations as to just what works and why.

It includes several great recipes, including one, for parmesan crab cakes with lobster slaw, that I can personally guarantee. I was amazed at how many of my favorites are on the “good” list: avocados, red wine, and dark chocolate included.

Much of the advice on lifestyle given here was extremely comforting as well, including taking some time out for yourself every day, exercising, watching a funny movie, spending time with friends, soaking in a warm bath, and enjoying the simple things.

The book is geared towards women because heart disease not only kills more women than men, but it is, in fact, the number one cause of death in women throughout the world. Women’s symptoms usually differ considerably from those experienced by men. Further, a majority of the studies done on heart disease have focused mainly on men. That said, absolutely anyone could benefit from almost all of the advice given here.

So pop open a bottle of your favorite red wine, break out some dark chocolate and almonds, and sit down to enjoy a comedy with friends. It’ll be good for your heart.

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