The Book of Trouble Review
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The Book of Trouble is the story of one woman's journey through heart-breaking love. Ann, a Jewish American woman, and Amir, an alluring Afghan man, struggle through a love affair made difficult by differences in their cultures. Ann wants to marry a man who looks Jewish, but isn't, and Amir wants to marry a 17-year-old Afghan virgin in order to stay true to his country's customs. Although Ann and Amir love each other deeply, neither one of them will allow love to keep them together. Ann spends most of her time looking for a family she never truly had, and Amir spends his time drinking and partying.

Not only is The Book of Trouble an honest and open love story, but it's also a fascinating look at the Jewish, American, and Afghanistan cultures. Ann takes us from New York to Afghanistan and on to Iraq, allowing us to see inside places Americans today often associate with evil. We witness the warmth of family love and the seriousness with which Muslim men and women treat romantic love. Though Americans have the freedom to choose whom they marry, we don't seem to be any happier.

Ms. Marlowe leaves you with a sense of hope, definitely wanting more. You'll be surprised at how much of her insight you'll take with you. And you may also learn a few things about Afghanistan and Iraq that you didnít know before. The Book of Trouble is a wonderful, poignant read, and I urge you not to pass it up.

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