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My yoga mat had been collecting dust for a while, and I had all kinds of excuses for keeping it that way. I was new in town and didn’t want to go to classes by myself. I could do it at home—but my life was just too hectic, and my schedule was just too full. I loved the results, but I didn’t have the time to drive out to a class or play through a whole video. But, thanks to this book, my mat is out again—and I have a feeling it’s going to stay there.

If you’ve ever considered giving yoga a shot—but you don’t want to commit to signing up for a class—this book is a great place to start. It may be a little book, but it covers a lot of ground in a little bit of space. You’ll learn a bit of background information, along with a number of basic poses, which are taught through both written descriptions and illustrations. The book also provides a number of sample sessions that will fit any mood or daily routine—from short sessions (about 15-20 minutes each) for morning and midday, to a longer weekend session, to sessions designed to relieve stress or beat the blues. In sidebars throughout the book, you’ll also learn a little bit about other things that are often associated with yoga—like meditation, charkas, aromatherapy, and more.

While Yoga Chick is geared toward teenage girls, it’s great for beginners of all ages. It’s written in a clear, straightforward, easy-going (and, yes, maybe even hip) voice that will immediately put you at ease. And it allows you to learn and practice at your own pace.

Though I’ve had some experience with yoga in the past—so I already knew many of the poses—I found this book to be a great refresher. The specially-designed sessions are spectacular—perfect for fitting practice into any busy schedule. It was just the thing I needed to get me practicing again.

Whether you’re looking for an introduction to yoga—or something to help you practice between classes—this is an excellent choice.

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