Some Like It Haute Review
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The life of the fashionista isn’t as easy as it may seem. It’s not just about Chanel and Prada and runway models and super-secret sample sales. For fashion journalist Alex Simons, it’s about trying to get the biggest headline—without becoming part of it.

When the Texas-born, London-based journalist arrives in Paris for Fashion Week, she instantly becomes fashion’s biggest headline—when she accidentally collides with a famous runway model in the middle of the big Chanel show. After a spectacle at a show the next day makes Alex yesterday’s news, she heads out to an after-hours show for a hot new designer. During the show, she meets the news of the day—Nick Snow, the gorgeous American who disrupted the Givenchy show—and she falls for him faster than you can say “Dolce & Gabbana.”

But that’s not the end of the story. Luis-Heinz, the hot new designer—the one who’s supposed to give Alex an exclusive interview—disappears, and Alex agrees to help her publicist friend, Lola, find him. Meanwhile, Nick, who seems too good to be true, turns out to have a little secret that he failed to mention. And just as things start to get a little complicated, Alex’s mom flies in from Texas to get a taste of couture.

Flawless it’s not, but this dishy debut novel from People magazine music editor Julie K. L. Dam ranks high on my guilty pleasure list. I’ll freely admit that parts of the story are pretty contrived. I may have even rolled my eyes just the slightest bit once or twice—especially when I discovered Nick’s big secret. And the missing fashion designer mystery doesn’t get nearly as much ink as Alex’s designer shoes. But despite the story’s imperfections, I found myself carrying the book with me wherever I went—sneaking in a page or two whenever I got the chance. Alex is an especially likeable, down-to-earth character—like the girl next door, only one who wears Chanel and Prada and gets to hang out with supermodels and big-name designers. And let’s face it—it’s just a lot of fun to get a behind-the-scenes (albeit fictional) look at the fashion world. Some Like It Haute is more entertaining than an E! news special—and I just couldn’t put it down.

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