National Public Access Awards to Be Announced
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CHEBOYGAN, WI Now that Awards Season is in full swing, the Association for Public Access Television has announced that the annual PASTE (Public Access Societal Television Excellence) Awards Ceremony will be held next Tuesday at the Cheboygan Civic Auditorium.

Hundreds of public access personalities will be flying into Cheboygan to be honored for their talent and creativity—as well as their hard work—in the public access realm.

This year's nominees include:

Best Show with Live Animals:
  1. The Bessie the Cow Show, Starring Wendall Wilson (Channel 4, WCTV)

  2. Chicken Farming Made Easy, Starring Jeremiah Randolph (Channel 6, WRPT)

  3. Missy, the Singing Chihuahua, Starring Louise Jenkins and her Chihuahua, Missy (Channel 12, WSOS)

Best Musical Show:
  1. Uncle Wilbur Sings the Beatles, Starring Uncle Wilbur (Channel 8, WWWW)

  2. Suzy Jo and Her Singing Dollies, Staring Suzy Jo Perkins, Sissy, Louella, and Jodie (Channel 53, WHUA)

  3. Four Guys and Their Kazoos, Starring Bob, Stan, Doug, and Jerry Newton (Channel 3, WKZO)

Best Talk Show:
  1. Sarah and Sandy Talk about Kids at School Who Aren’t as Cool as We Are, Starring Sarah Neumann and Sandy Miller (Channel 48, WHSS)

  2. Tom and Russ Call Girls and Hang Up, Starring Tom Meyer and Russ Winters (Channel 81, WBAS)

  3. No One Listens to Me, So I Have a TV Show, Starring Bill Fergusson (Channel 2, WSUB)
Contributing public access shows will air the awards ceremony at 6 pm on February 14th and every day after that until next May.

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