The 5th Horseman Review
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In The 5th Horseman by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro, Detective Lindsay Boxer finds herself in the midst of yet another confusing murder mystery, while personal drama develops for Yuki, one of her closest friends. The regular gang from the Women’s Murder Club series appears again in this book—Claire, the medical examiner, Cindy, the journalist, Lindsay, the newly promoted head of her department, and Yuki, a defense attorney who was introduced in an earlier book.

Yuki’ s mom has what appears to be a mild heart attack and ends up being admitted to the San Francisco Medical Center (SFMC). Yuki’s mother seems to be recovering when she suddenly dies under strange circumstances.

The Head of San Francisco Medical’s ER, Dennis Garza, MD, is immediately suspect to the group. Not only does he have an unfriendly demeanor, but the majority of the recent questionable deaths at the hospital have been patients admitted through his care in the ER.

Yuki blames herself for her mother’s death because she didn’t remove her from SFMC when she first heard about the mysterious deaths and the lawsuit by the family members of twenty of those patients who died from strange “hospital mistakes.”

Meanwhile, Lindsay is investigating the deaths of young women who are found murdered and posed in luxury cars after their death. Once the case is solved, however, she shifts her focus to the happenings at the hospital—and she receives a call from one of the hospital nurses, telling her about coins placed on the eyes of the patients who have died of “strange happenings.”

The plot takes many twist and turns, but, as usual, James Patterson gives us an ending that we would not have expected. The writing is very clever, and the character development continues to grow from book to book in the Women’s Murder Club series. The 5th Horseman is a good read for those who enjoy a good whodunit.

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