You Can't Hide Review
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Psychiatrist Tess Ciccotelli has big problems. Her patients are committing suicide, leaving behind evidence that Tess had talked them into it. Her career is in jeopardy because the state licensing board doesn't like its members to be under suspicion of murder. And then those she loves start turning up dead because of the “company they keep.”

After Dr. Ciccotelli’s testimony sends a confessed child killer to a psychiatric ward instead of death row, homicide cop Aiden Reagan doesn’t think much of her. In fact, most of the police force strongly dislikes the doctor because of that case. But enough to frame her for murder? Now Aiden risks the contempt of his fellow officers, his life, and his heart to protect Tess—because he believes there's no way she had anything to do with her patients’ decision to hurry themselves along to the Afterlife—not after witnessing the shock and horror in her eyes after she saw the second victim.

Everyone has a secret they want to hide from the world, and You Can’t Hide leaves you wondering if you truly know those who are closest to you. I guarantee you’ll be challenged by this baffling case. You’ll suspect almost all of the characters at one time or another—but you’ll probably never guess who’s behind the murders, leaving the ending surprising but plausible.

Some writers can draw you in with the first sentence and keep you enthralled even if the house is burning down around you—and romantic suspense author, Karen Rose, is one of them. Wonderful characters and a complex plot make for a spine-tingling romantic suspense. Even secondary characters come alive under Ms. Rose’s skillful typing fingers, making you want to spend more time in their presence and never put the book down.

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