The Murder of JFK: A Revisionist History
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Over 40 years after President John F. Kennedy was killed in Dallas, controversy still rages on about who really killed him. Was it really as the FBI’s findings stated—that Oswald acted alone? Or was Kennedy’s death a well-planned conspiracy? Everyone seems to have a different explanation.

The Murder of JFK: A Revisionist History begins in 1950s Cuba—a tropical playground for mobsters and American businessmen, frequented by American tourists. But American relations with Cuba changed dramatically with the rise to power of Fidel Castro. Americans weren’t quite sure how to react as the new Cuban leader appeared on Meet the Press—and The Ed Sullivan Show. Yet, while the American people were still trying to decide which side of the Cold War Castro was really on, the CIA was already involved in a plan to assassinate him.

By the time Kennedy took office, plans were already in place—and as he sought to normalize relations with Cuba, the CIA continued in its plans to assassinate Castro. A triangle of tension immediately formed between Kennedy, Castro, and the CIA—and a number of Americans took sides.

Using interviews, taped conversations, transcripts, and the first-ever digital rendering of the infamous and shockingly revealing Zapruder film of the assassination, this three-hour-long documentary examines President Kennedy’s death in the context of the Cold War and the political climate of the day. It then looks more closely at a number of the theories that have been devised in the 22 years since, as the American people have tried to figure out who was really involved in JFK’s assassination and why.

Unlike many of the shows I’ve seen about the death of JFK, The Murder of JFK: A Revisionist History doesn’t claim to know the answer—just the possibilities. It presents the information using an impressive amount of archive footage—though the sound quality of the footage isn’t always the best, and it’s sometimes a challenge to make out some of the conversations. Sound issues aside, though, The Murder of JFK is a fascinating documentary that shows the story from an interesting angle. If you’re intrigued by the mystery surrounding JFK’s death, be sure to check it out.

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