Pippy's Wish Review
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Pippy’s Wish is an adorable story about an angel-in-training who wants, more than anything, to learn how to fly so she can graduate to high school. Unfortunately, Pippy can’t quite get the hang of it—even when she tries using alternative modes of transportation, like a skateboard.

Lucy, an older and wiser angel, feels Pippy needs to learn some lessons before she’s promoted, so she grants Pippy one wish that’ll last 24 hours—but she cautions Pippy to choose her wish wisely. Pippy immediately wishes to be able to fly. After the wish wears off, Pippy learns the meaning of “be careful what you wish for,” when she finds herself stranded on top of a Christmas tree somewhere in the past, without a clue about why she’s there. But there’s something to be learned from this experience, too.

Pippy’s Wish is sure to bring out the kid in you, taking you back to your youth, when you longed to be oh-so-cool, not knowing how special you were because of your uniqueness. It’ll make you think of carefree days when you didn’t have much to worry about—when you dreamed big and played hard, and did it with bondless energy and optimism. This charming little story by a talented up-and-coming author made me smile, and I recommend it to everyone.

Ed. Note: Proceeds from the sale of this book will benefit Children at Risk. To order the paperback or ebook using PayPal, visit SelenaRobins.com.

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