Road Trip QuizWit Hollywood Flicks Review
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Players: 2-6
Playing time: 15-30 minutes, depending on how well you know movies

Movie buffs on the go will have no problem passing the time between here and there with this travel trivia game.

Game play is simple and straightforward. There arenít any complicated rules to learn or strategies to master. You just need to love watching movies. And all you need are a magnetic game board, a few magnetic game pieces, and a box full of trivia questions (the game comes with 1000 questions on 250 cards). Players take turns trying to answer movie trivia questions, which come in three formats: true/false, multiple choice, and question and answer. If you answer correctly, you movie your playing piece one space on the board. If your answer is wrong, you stay where you are. Then itís the next playerís turn.

The first player to answer 11 questions correctly and reach the finish line is the winner. In the case of a tie, the two tied players move back three spaces and continue playing until someone wins.

Road Trip QuizWit Hollywood Flicks is an easy game to playóbut the questions are sometimes challenging to answer. You could get a question about a movie thatís just coming out on DVDóor you could get a question about a movie star from the Ď50s. You could get an easy multiple-choice question or a difficult question-and-answer question. It really is anyoneís game.

Itís plain and simple, and itís quick and easy to play. Itís also portable. My only complaint is that it could be more portable. The box is a bit larger than necessary. If, for instance, the relatively small game board could fold in half, the box would take up less space in your carry-onómaking it even more convenient for travel.

That aside, though, if you love movies, youíll enjoy this game. Pick up a copy for playing on the plane (or in the car) when you skip town for spring break.

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