Lady Danger Review
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The Maiden Warriors of Rivenloch are known far and wideóor so they thought. But Knight Pagan Cameliard had never heard of them until King David sent him to choose a bride among them and obtain stewardship of Castle Rivenloch.

Deirdre and Helena have been raised to fight and to fear no man. Only the younger sister, Miriel, shies away from violence, preferring a peaceful solution to problems. King David has given orders that cannot be defied without threat of treason, so Deirdre decides sheíll sacrifice herself and marry Pagan, even though heís a Norman and not a Scot. Helena wants nothing more than to waylay the Norman brute and slice him to ribbons, and he will most likely terrify meek and mild Miriel.

From the moment Pagan and Deirdre marry, their wills clash, for Deirdre of Rivenloch yields to no man, not even in the marriage bed. With her father sinking into madness, a thief known only as The Shadow lurking about, and the threat of a British siege, Deirdre faces many challenges. But her greatest challenge will be not to lose her will or heart to Pagan Cameliard.

Though I read a similar novel a month or so ago, I enjoyed Lady Danger. Itís the age-old tale of a womanís will against a manís, which eventually grows into mutual respect and love. Humor and wit set this story above most. I found myself laughing out loud at unexpected moments. I love the way Ms. McKerrigan throws together characters of different races and backgrounds to make them try to learn how to live in peace no matter how quirky their customs may be.

I particularly liked the secondary characters, especially Sir Colin du Lac, a knight under Paganís command, who was funny and charmingómy kind of guy. I also eagerly await Mirielís story. To me, she was the most intriguing character outside of Sung Li, a maidservant in the castle. Thereís more to both these women than meets the eye. Iím keeping my fingers crossed that weíll find out what that is in the near future.

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