Frangipani Review
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Mothers and daughters share a special bond—one that Materena Mahi shares with her daughter, Leilani, from the moment Materena discovers that she’s pregnant. Materena, a Tahitian woman who works as a professional cleaner for a wealthy Frenchwoman, tries to instill the Tahitian traditions in her daughter—but, at the same time, Materena wants more for her daughter than the life of a cleaner.

While Leilani is a joy to Materena, she’s also a challenge. She asks questions without end—about things that seem totally unimportant to her mother. She constantly wants to learn more. And as she grows into a woman, she starts to question the traditions and the beliefs that Materena has always held dear. Materena doesn’t understand her daughter—and she doesn’t understand why her daughter won’t open up to her, even though Materena’s family and friends (and sometimes even total strangers) are constantly pouring out their souls to her.

No matter how difficult their relationship can be at times, Materena and Leilani still share that strong mother-daughter bond. And as the years pass, they only grow closer—and they find that they may even have something to learn from one another.

Frangipani is a beautiful and inspiring story that will touch the heart of any woman. Vaite writes this magical tale with tenderness and love, painting a vivid picture of the island of Tahiti as she tells her story. As you read, you’ll find that it contains so much more than just the story of this mother and daughter. You’ll also learn about the culture, and you’ll meet a fascinating cast of characters—and you’ll hear their stories, too.

Frangipani is an unforgettable story. I guarantee that you won’t be able to read it without picking up the phone to call your mother—or your daughter—to tell her how much you love her.

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