Blackout Review
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Margo Scott goes to bed one night when winter still holds its chill and wakes up the next morning to spring warmth and blooming flowers. From the first page, you know something isnít quite right with Margoís life. She wakes up at midnight with the sudden urge to go for a run. What woman in her right mind would take a run at midnight in a deserted city park? An entire month has been wiped from her mind, along with most of her early memories. When she takes down an intruder with the skill of a Special Forces soldier, she begins to wonder if sheís been dealing in more than just rare books. Worse than anything, she keeps hearing a child screaming in her mind, and she feels deep inside that she was responsible for the childís pain and terror.

Jake Wise is hired by his stepfather, Frank Temple, to watch out for Margoóbut he doesnít know why. When Frank turns up dead, Jake doesnít want to believe that Margo had anything to do with it. But he soon learns that she has the necessary skills to get the job done with deadly force and extreme prejudice. Is she an assassin trained by the government? Ex-military? Or a pawn in a deep undercover operation? Jake risks his life over and over to find the answers to these questions, and if he learns that Margo murdered his stepfather, heíll make sure she pays with her life and then some.

Blackout opens with a bang and doesnít let up. Ms. Solomon writes a hard-edged romantic suspense that pushes the boundaries of romance. Donít expect the hero to play niceóespecially when the heroine doesnít. Itís a risky move, but I personally feel itís about time heroines took as good as they give. Jake and Margo arenít your typical romantic couple, but youíll have no doubt that they belong together. Blackout is no cookie-cutter romance; itís a raw, in-your-face thriller, and I absolutely loved it. Annie Solomon is another author Iíll be scanning the bookstore shelves for when I go out to stock up on reading material.

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