Date Me, Baby, One More Time Review
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Justine Bennett has spent the last 200 years as guardian of Mona, the Goblet of Eternal Youth. The goblet must come before anything else in Justine’s life—and its hiding place must remain a secret. If anyone finds out where it’s located, Justine has to behead him or her. This wasn’t a problem until she met Derek LaValle, the first man in a long time who makes her want to break her oath—never mind that he wants to behead her right back.

The LaValle men have all died at the exact same age, down to the second. A curse stalks them with ridiculous modes of demise, such as being stabbed by wayward butter knives and being mauled to death by a pet hamster. Now it’s Derek’s turn, along with his twin brother, Quincy. But Derek is determined to find the Goblet of Eternal Youth, behead its guardian, and drink from the goblet to break the curse—all within a week. Unfortunately, the guardian turns out to be one sexy babe, and he can’t decide whether to behead her or have sex with her.

Throw in Theresa, a cursed dragon who was once human, who enjoys cybersex, and who wants to turn everyone she meets into a crispy critter—and Iris, Justine’s mother, who’s in purgatory, bound for life in Hell as Satan’s sex slave if Justine fails to resist evil when it comes calling—and you have an outrageously funny romantic comedy.

Date Me, Baby, One More Time is a flat-out fun read, meant to make you laugh and forget about your troubles. If you’re a more serious-minded person, the sheer silliness of this tale might turn you off. However, if you’re looking for a diamond at the bottom of a Cracker Jacks box of romances, you’ll love this novel as much as I did. A quirky plot with quirky characters keeps you hanging on and laughing out loud into the wee hours of the night. Careful, though—your laughter might startle the neighborhood dogs into a barking frenzy!

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