Spider-Man Crime Stopper Card Game Review
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Players: 2-4 (ages 6+)
Playing Time: 20 minutes

Any fan of Spider-Man should have a Spider-Man card game. It's just a must-have. I thought the Spider-Man Crime Stopper Card Game looked interesting from the outside package—it's very colorful and has some great characters on the box. But when my little six-year-old nephew saw the box, he went ballistic.


I asked, “Do you want a Spider-Man card game?”

He looked at me like I was dumb and said, “Everyone should have a Spider-Man card game!”

Okay, I thought, let's hope it’s good. We took it home and cracked it open. The cards are enlarged glossy cards for kid-sized hands. The back of the card has a nice design, and the character side looks just awesome. That’s what my nephew said, anyway.

The game play is simple—kind of like Go Fish, only you don’t ask another player for a pair. You just try to match the cards that are face-up on the table with the ones in your hand. All your pairs go in a pile face-up in front of you. What I like about this game is the possibility to take another player’s pile simply by matching the card on the top of his or her pile. The winner is the player with the most captured cards (villains) at the end of the game.

Overall, a fun time for the kids—and the adults, as well. The cards feature many of the classic villains from the Spider-Man comics. At one point, we laid out all the cards and asked our nephew which character he liked best, and he picked the only hero, of course—Spider-Man. But he’s six. What can you say? (“You can’t like a villain, dummy…”)

I asked him if he liked the game, and he said, “It’s my favorite game!” So there you go.

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