Crescent Moon Review
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In the swamps of New Orleans, creatures lurk below sluggish water, phantom wolves roam in places where they aren’t supposed to exist, and a beast hunts, for the thrill of a kill, those dumb enough to travel into the swamp alone. Not good for cryptozoologist Diana Malone. Hired by an eccentric old man, she heads for Louisiana to track down a werewolf. After her husband Simon died, Diana made a vow to restore Simon’s reputation by capturing one of the creatures and proving to the world they exist. But when she meets Adam Ruelle, her heart becomes torn between being true to the memory of Simon and loving Adam, a man who fills her nights with passion and her days with doubt. He could very well be the werewolf Diana hunts.

Adam is the last of a mysterious Cajun family rumored to be cursed. He lives in the swamps, where few have seen him. Some believe he’s dead, and others believe he’s a ghost or something much worse. He carries deep secrets—secrets he won’t let Diana discover, no matter how drawn to her he may be. He allows her into his bed—but not into his heart—for something stalks her that he may or may not be able to control.

Lori Handeland has an incredible storytelling gift. Crescent Moon is one of the best werewolf romances I’ve ever read. The characters are vibrant and irresistible—something that’s not easily done in first-person point-of-view, but Ms. Handeland handles it effortlessly. Heck, even Lazarus, the snake, has personality. The author brings the voodoo magic of New Orleans to life, adding a creepy fascination to the novel, and you’ll feel as if you’re racing right along with Diana and Cassandra (a voodoo priestess) as they chase zombies through St. Louis Cemetery Number One. If you start reading Crescent Moon, you’ll end up reading straight through the night—so make sure you don’t have an early morning.

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