Lucky Number Slevin Review
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If you are a fan of Pulp Fiction or The Usual Suspects, you should come away from this movie with a big grin on your face. The script is great and performed by some really awesome actors; and the director, Paul McGuigan, puts it all together with a practiced flair.

McGuigan's last film, Wicker Park, didn't fare well at the box office because the studio kept advertising it as a crime thriller when in actuality it was a damn good romantic drama. This one won't have that problem—it's a damn good crime thriller.

The story is about two warring mob bosses, Ben Kinglsey and Morgan Freeman. Slevin (Josh Hartnett) is mistaken for someone else and gets trapped in the middle when Freeman forces him to kill Kingsley for him. A detective (Stanley Tucci), an assassin (Bruce Willis), and a coroner (Lucy Liu) get wrapped up in the mix, and bodies start falling like rain.

The cast is fantastic, and you will be hard-pressed to find a better one this spring, all in one movie. The script is so slick that it gives every single actor on screen some of the juiciest dialogue I've heard in recent years. Even Josh Hartnett is cracklin' in this electric piece of movie magic. And I do mean magic—the director does a great job, almost like a stage magician carefully maneuvering his sleight of hand.

I went to this with a bunch of guys, so I really can't tell if this fares well with the opposite sex. All I can say is this: If you ever felt like a Louisville slugger raked you across the face when your only VHS copy of Reservoir Dogs broke from being watched too much, then go watch this movie. I think you'll feel the same about this one.

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