Chat Room Allows Man to Be Anonymous Jerk
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SOMEWHERE IN CYBERSPACE Mild-mannered shoe salesman Homer Clark always aspired to dare to be a jerk. He wanted nothing more than to be able to fight back with those nasty, biting comments that he always thinks about but never dares to use. He wanted to humiliate and mentally destroy his stupid customers. But it was his job to be nice. He was a shoe salesman.

So Clark continued to smile and ignore his customers’ stupid comments. Because the customer is always right. And if a salesman is rude, the customer will never come back. But it was starting to drive him insane. He needed an outlet.

If he wasn’t rude and evil to someone, he’d just explode.

That’s when Clark discovered chat rooms. It was the perfect opportunity to be rude and nasty to everyone with whom he came into contact—and no one would know who he was.

So that’s how it began. Every day after work, Clark comes home and selects a random chat room. Ad then he’ll thoroughly harass anyone who will listen. Sometimes he goes to the bird lovers’ chat room and tells stories about how he hit a bird with his car on the way to work. Sometimes he’ll go to the single women’s chat room and tell them they must really be fat if they’re still single. And sometimes he’ll go to the Britney Spears fan room. That’s his favorite.

Thanks to HomerCShoeGuy’s evening pass-time, he’s a much calmer, gentler shoe salesman. He lets go of all of his frustrations, so he can deal with stupid customers again in the morning.

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