American Dreamz Review
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The first thing to remember about American Dreamz is not to take anything seriously. It's a satire, and as such, just about everything is subject to be poked fun at. Once viewed that way, it's a hilarious look at American politics, pop culture, and current events.

I saw this film at a recent film festival and the festival crowd just ate this one up. They laughed through the whole movie, and when viewed with the right crowd it's quite funny. I'm not so sure the regular viewing audience is going to be as kind to it when it gets the wide release.

The film is about two current American pastimes: “American Idol” (renamed “American Dreamz”) and making fun of President Bush. It stars Hugh Grant as the host of the popular TV show and two contestants: Mandy Moore (ala Britney Spears) and Sam Golzari (as Omer, a terrorist who is in love with Broadway). The President of the United States, Dennis Quaid, gets thrown into the mix when he is scheduled to judge the finale episode.

Great performances all around and on the side are fine performances by Willem Dafoe (ala Dick Cheney), Marcia Gay Harden (as the president's wife), and Chris Klein (Mandy's boyfriend). I must mention that I just about died laughing during a song performed by the Jewish performer, as he just about stole the show for me.

If you really liked any of Paul Weitz's last few directing efforts (In Good Company, About a Boy, or American Pie), I'm not so sure you'll like this one, as it is quite unlike anything he's ever done before. Looking back at this one years from now, I'm sure we'll see this the same way we did when we viewed Kentucky Fried Movie in the ‘70s—as a humorous and irreverent look at modern-day life in America.

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