Gotta Have It Review
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Gotta Have It is a collection of three novellas about three beautiful, successful or striving African American women. These women know what they want and go after it with a vengeance—including their men.

In Reacquainted, Caroline Pierce owns a modeling agency. While waiting for her flight in an airport bar, she watches baseball player Marc Brown on TV, fighting on the pitcher’s mound. This brings back memories of the virile young man who took her virginity in high school in the boys’ locker room showers. When he shows up in the airport, Caroline hopes he’ll stick around for good this time.

In Atten-tion!, Marliss Tanner owns a massage parlor near an Army base. Tough and rugged soldiers come in for a massage and get something extra—sex. When base commander David Alan Carrington shows up for an appointment with her best friend, Jasmine, who’s also one of her working girls, Marliss wants him for herself. But she has a strict no-stealing-each-other’s-clients policy. But she’s the owner. Can she break her own rules without ruffling female feathers or hurting her best friend?

In Mr. Fine, Arlene Cannon is a struggling writer hoping to get into a prestigious school—even if she has to sleep with the mysterious Mr. Fine to accomplish her goal. Then Aaron Ford charms her panties off while stranded by the weather in a hotel restaurant, and Mr. Fine is forgotten. Aaron takes what Arlene gives, because later he may be her professor—and he’s not about to risk his job for a piece of tail, no matter how hot it is.

Sex, sex, and more sex describes this first novel by erotic romance newcomer Renée Alexis. Though these three stories have a plot, and the heroines have an obstacle to get past, it’s not a very deep one. It’s all about the sex, which is sometimes the norm for this genre. The hero and heroine aggressively go after each other, often having sex within an hour or less after meeting. It’s hard to stretch your imagination to believe love is involved, so don’t expect a satisfying romance here. I enjoyed this collection of novellas mainly because some of the things the characters thought or said during sex made me laugh my head off. That’s probably not what the author intended, but it was fun for me.

If you like a steady diet of sex without the complicated plot line, you’ll love this book. Ms. Alexis is one of the better erotic romance authors out there, creating pure erotic fantasy for those times when you just need to escape from real-life romance gone stale.

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