Friendly Flirt’s Boyfriend Might Be Real Deal
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Dear Christine,

I have been interested in a lovely girl whom I met at a local bar. We have also seen each other at more than one hockey game.

The last time I saw her at the bar, we had a long, wonderful chat. As usual, our eye contact was bang on, and I also noticed that she turned her legs so our knees were touching under the table. As we said our goodbyes, she asked if I would sit with her at the next hockey game.

A mutual friend advised me that she has a boyfriend of three years overseas. What should I do? -- J.T. – LONDON, ONTARIO

Dear J.T.,

So, you’re interested in her, and she’s flirting with you. Flirt, flirt, flirt. Isn’t it wonderful to feel wanted?

Maybe you’re assuming too much about the boyfriend. Has she mentioned him? Even if Mr. Overseas is the real deal, there’s nothing wrong with being friends and watching a hockey game together.

If your feelings for her continue to grow, you should tell her. Leave it up to her to decide what to do about Mr. Overseas.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. However, eyes wide open. If she trades in her current boyfriend for you, make sure you don’t plan any trips overseas.

Dear Christine,

I recently got married. One of my bridesmaids did not give me a wedding gift or a card to wish me and my new husband well. I am so hurt by this. Should I confront her? -- DISAPPOINTED – AUSTIN, TEXAS

Dear Disappointed,

Was this bridesmaid at your wedding? Did she stand by your side as you and your husband exchanged vows. Did she wear an expensive dress (which she’ll probably never wear again) for “your special day?”

If the answers to any or all of these questions are “yes,” I find it hard to believe that you need a gift or a card to know she cares.

As for you confronting her, the only thing you should have to say to her is “Thank you for being there to share the first day of my life as a married woman.”

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